Some Life-Saving Driving Tips For Beginners

Certified driving instructors have created this list of tips for new drivers. These safety driving rules are essential for all teens.

A Safe Driver Is A Confident Driver

When you learn how to drive, it is normal to feel nervous. It’s a good thing to feel nervous when learning how to drive. Driving is dangerous, but it is an activity that we do because it gives us a level of freedom that no one is going to stop enjoying. This is your chance to experience that freedom. But a nervous driver can be dangerous. You must learn how to control your emotions from the beginning. You will face many situations in your life when you need to manage your emotions. So start practicing now. Listen to your parent or instructor and have fun. Driving is fun!

Before You Drive The Vehicle, Get Comfortable With It

Every car is different, so you need to be able to understand the controls of each one. You need to know how to operate the controls on your car, including the radio, seat controls, air conditioning, defrosters and heaters, windows, locks, and where the brights are located. Also, what the gauges represent. Although I recommend that you read the manual before you drive your family cars, most people won’t. However, it will help you learn a lot about your car. As a novice driver, the last thing you want is to search for a switch or lever while you drive down the road. Before you drive your car, get to know it.

Don’t Worry About What Other Drivers Think

It doesn’t matter what other people think about you as long as you feel safe driving. Imagine that you are driving at the speed limit on a country road with two lanes. A guy behind you tailgates and flashes his lights. Are you worried about it? It is not something you should be worrying about. Even if you drove faster, the same driver would still be tailgating.

You’ll feel confident, and that’s when you’re dangerous.

Although learning to drive can be scary at first, you’ll soon feel comfortable riding your bike. You will be able to handle traffic, expressways, and merging in all weather conditions. Safety is a good habit. But it seems that all this talk about safety and good habits fades as your car’s music gets louder. Confidence is a good thing. But don’t let it turn into complacency. Driving is dangerous, but you can make it safer by changing how you drive.

Make Wise Friends

It is possible that one of your friends could be dangerous driving. Either be open with your friend and ask them to change or make sure you have alternate transportation. Many high school students are killed in cars as passengers. Take responsibility for your safety and well-being. Do not drive if someone is driving outside of safe limits.


Driving And Alcohol Are A Bad Combination.

You’ve heard it all. Driving and drinking alcohol is not only dangerous but also selfish. You can also go to prison if you kill someone using alcohol in your system. Driving under the influence of alcohol is still a major problem. Someone you are currently in high school with will likely die from an alcohol-related accident. I am an old geezer, and I graduated high school fourteen years ago. Five people from my graduating class died in alcohol-related accidents since then. This is very serious stuff, and it can happen to anyone you know. Do not be there for them.

Take A Look Further Down The Road

Did you know that the human body was designed to travel around 15 mph? We have to resist our instincts when we drive faster than this. People tend to focus on their car when they drive, or directly at the car in front. This is a huge mistake and unacceptable driving behavior. Keep your eyes open and moving while driving. When they say “get the big picture”, they are referring to this.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

Some people will change when you and your friends receive your driver’s license. You can choose to take a variety of different routes with this new freedom. Remember that you are what you surround yourself with the most. You are statistically more likely to be like people who drink, experiment with drugs, or chase the police. Who am I to stop this from being the life you desire? You’ll know when you’re with the right or wrong crowd deep down.


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